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With search engine advertising you place your ads where they work best. Advertising on search engines usually result in a high ROI.
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Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is keyword-dependent distribution of ads to the ad spaces of the internet search engines.

Approx. 90% of all consumers check these days on the internet prior to buying a product or service and begin their research on search engines, for example google.

With search engine advertising we pursue the goal of advertising in a highly relevant context. Unlike TV- or even traditional banner advertising search engine advertising provides an extremely high awareness and acceptance of the advertising recipient - your target-group. Because of the search situation the users already have an increased consumer acceptance to purchase a product, service or information.
The resulting low scattering losses provoke an extremely good value for money in terms of advertising spending (ROI) in this specific online channel.

The advertising space on search results pages of search engines are also known as paid search results or sponsored links.

The most common ad format used are brief and concise content (ie keyword) matching text ads.

In the search engines advertising networks with high reach, also a variety of other advertisement formats (banners, video, etc.) are possible.

These are ideally suited to back up the more performance-oriented search campaign with creating brand-awareness.

Benefits of Search Engine Advertising

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