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With display advertising you deliver your marketing message directly into the relevant environments of your target audience.
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Display Advertising

Display Advertising or banner advertising is the advertising of companies, brands, products and services using advertising spaces on the internet.

Display advertising is often used to enhance brand- or product awareness, new product launches and image cultivation. Accordingly designed and distributed display advertising can certainly also increase sales figures.

IIn the entire online marketing mix display advertising is not negligible. It is still of vital importance to be present in target group-affine environments or sites. Furthermore, positive cross-marketing effects to existing SEA campaigns could be measured.

Contrary to widespread classical (online) marketing billing models based on CPM (cost per mille/thousand) performance-based approaches (CPA- cost per action) are increasingly favoured. With these the ad contacts (reach) do not cost a cent but the resulting action (click, sale, lead). You therefore only pay when the viewer of the advertisement is actually active, and visits your website for example with a click. During times like these with an emphasis on cost control such CPA-based models have the advantage that the mere display performance is free.

The advertising material can be in various formats (IAB standards). Depending on marketing objectives (image, brand awareness vs. performance) also different technologies (Flash, JavaScript, etc.) can be deployed.

We would be happy to choose appropriate advertising spaces, marketers and networks according to your marketing targets and successfully run your entire campaign.

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SEA-Package for beginners:
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Display-Advertising emotionally priced: starting at 399


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