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With affiliate marketing you will expand your online sales network explosively and generate additional sales at low distribution costs.
Affiliate Marketing efficient networks by kvrmedia

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate-Marketing is concerned with the development of online sales networks through affiliate networks, ie partner programs.

In this process a commercial provider (advertiser, merchant) pays a commission to its distributors (publishers, affiliates) for a successful mediated transaction (sale, registration).

Affiliates or publishers use the advertising space on their sites (small niche sites with related topics to large portals with a high target group affinity) or from third parties to promote the products or services of the advertiser. Their motivation is of course the commission for mediation of a sale, a lead or simply just a There are different billing models (PPL, PPS, PPC, CPM, ...) possible and more or less suitable depending on individual marketing objectives.

The advertising material is mostly provided by the advertisers themselves and the entire execution (management of the platform, distribution of advertising media, partners, aggregation, and success tracking, billing, payment) is offered by affiliate networks (such as, for example, zanox, affilinet, tradedoubler, etc.).

kvrmedia is your competent partner for all affiliate marketing activities. We have the know-how and good relations with the major market players.

Overview: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Overview

What we can do for you

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  1. The provider decides to take advantage of this attractive distribution channel and instructs kvrmedia with this service (DL).
  2. kvrmedia takes care of the complete setup of the affiliate marketing campaign and handling of the networks, including motivation and support of top publishers (affiliate management).
  3. Affiliates then put the providers ad on their websites hence providing the advertiser additional reach and themselves additional revenue.
  4. Visitors to the affiliate websites pay more attention to this contextual advertising and due to their increased interest finally click on it.
  5. They are redirected to the suppliers’ website supplier where they most likely buy the products or services and thus generate incremental revenue.

Our Offers

SEA-Package for beginners:
Search-Engine-Advertising Flatrate starting at 149€
With dedicated affiliate manager.
Affiliate Management package: Now starting at 799€


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